Preparing for the Fifth CWC Review Conference: New UNIDIR report by Alexander Ghionis, Alexander Kelle and María Garzón Maceda

The Fifth Chemical Weapons Convention Review Conference will take place 15-19 May 2023. This event presents an important opportunity for CWC States Parties to take stock of the past and chart the future of this important disarmament agreement.
To facilitate the preparation for the Conference, Alexander Ghionis, CBWNet researcher Alexander Kelle and María Garzón Maceda, takes stock of the historical experiences related to the preparations, proposals, procedures, and participation in past Review Conferences in a UNIDIR report.
The report provides an analysis of salient issues which are likely to be addressed and influence the outcome of the event. In concluding, the report presents recommendations for CWC States Parties and other relevant stakeholders on preparing for and making use of the event.

The full report is accessible on the UNIDIR website.