CBWNet Holds a Workshop on Science and Technology Relevant for the BWC and the CWC

CBWnet member ZNF (University of Hamburg) organized an international expert workshop on current trends in science and technology relevant to the treaty regimes banning chemical and biological weapons in Hamburg on June 17 and 18.

In four panels, the participants discussed the political framework for the institutionalization of S&T advice in the context of disarmament treaties (presentations by Dr. John Walker and Dr. Una Jakob), presented current developments in the life sciences and the SynBio industry (Daniel Sabatelli, Sophie Reiners, Dr. Anna Krin), examined the issue of verification from a technical perspective (Ines Mergler, Dr. Gunnar Jeremias and Dr. Ralf Trapp) and spoke about governance aspects in national implementation and in the industry (Barry de Vries, Dr. Marc-Michael Blum).

The panels were followed by an open discussion on opportunities, challenges, and technologies in verification with a special focus on the BWC.