CBWNet Contributes Panel on the Norms Prohibiting Chemical and Biological Weapons to Annual Convention of the International Studies Association

At the recent ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco, CBWNet contributed the only panel focusing on the global norms prohibiting the possession and use of chemical and biological weapons (CBW). Bringing together different perspectives on the challenges to and robustness of CBW norms, the panel addressed a gap in international studies research concerning relevant norm dynamics, their implications for the CBW prohibitions, and the impact of actor relationships within the respective regimes.

Una Jakob (PRIF) discussed the effects of attempts to instrumentalize alleged norm violations by Russia.
Gunnar Jeremias (ZNF) addressed the challenges involved in verifying the norms against BW.
Alexander Kelle (IFSH) analyzed the multilevel nature of chemical terrorism and related responses.
Kristoffer Burck (JLU) presented research on the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1540 as a threat to the taboo against CBW.
CBWNet Associate Researcher Monica Chinchilla (University of Navarra) analyzed the Proliferation Security Initiative as a tool to enforce CBW norms on the high seas.
Alexander Graef and Ondřej Rosendorf (both IFSH) served as discussants on the panel.