CBWNet Researchers at the CWC Fifth Review Conference

CBWNet researchers Almuntaser Albalawi (HSFK), Kristoffer Burck (JLU) and Anna Krin (ZNF) attended the Chemical Weapons Convention's Fifth Review Conference in the Hague, Netherlands, from 15 – 19 May 2023 as NGO representatives. CBWNet project coordinator Dr Alexander Kelle supported the German delegation during the Review Conference. The Conference convenes every five years to review the implementation of the CWC and set strategic goals and priorities for the OPCW.
While the Conference ended without a consensus document, it was an important occasion for reaffirming universal commitment to the chemical weapons prohibition norm as Almuntaser Albalawi put it.

Leading up to the Conference, CBWNet researcher and project coordinator Alexander Kelle co-authored a guide to the issues at stake, which is available here.

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